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Congratulations! Boonville Redemption has won approval by The Dove Foundation Review Board. This means the Foundation believes that the content expressed makes for the kind of entertainment family members can enjoy together with confidence. The Dove Family Approved Seal is awarded to movies, DVDs, made for TV movies and specials, books and other entertainment products that portray and encourage positive values.

Pastor Josh Elder


“There is a lot going on in Boonville Redemption. The characters are written in a very genuine way. Their trials and struggles are real human experiences. We get to see the human heart. Like us, there is not many perfect characters in Boonville, but it makes for a compelling story. The movie looks at redemption from many sides and we see the gospel working in all of them. Maddix (portrayed by Richard Tyson) is a despicable villain and really keeps you entertained. Kassandra Voyagis, who plays Sophia, shines in her supporting role. Boonville teaches us that we all need redemption and that “when you look for the truth, you’ll find grace.”

Pastor Josh Elder


Pastor Jerry Rueb

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Pastor Jerry Rueb

The photography and the sets are fantastic. There is a soft golden texture to the lighting that is beautiful and inviting. The sepia tone gives it an old picture feel. The sets look perfect for the old west historic period. Wherever you filmed this movie was an ideal setting. The costumes look authentic and very well done.

The message of forgiveness and redemption is clear throughout. I believe that you accomplished communicating and illustrating your message. In all it was entertaining and thought provoking. Great work.

Pastor Bayless Conley


Pastor Bayless Conley

The Boonville Redemption has it all: a great storyline, bad guys that make you angry, good people that make you smile. There are unexpected heroes, there is tragedy, and ultimately there is triumph. This movie will touch you emotionally and get you to consider the impact of both hatred and forgiveness. But most of all it will fill you with hope.