“Boonville Books”

“Boonville Redemption: The End of the Beginning” A story based in the early West in Northern California, in Anderson Valley. A tale of love’s triumphs and losses in the harsh new frontier in the 1800s to the early 1900s. The story spans nearly 30 years in the life of the McGuire family. This is the pre-story to the movie Boonville Redemption. Get to know the people, their stories, and how they all came to live in Anderson Valley before their lives tangled into secrets and lies. We see in our story that there are several ways that love can complete someone or cause great damage. Every love story has a beginning. True love stories have no endings…


“English to Boontling” The catchy language of Boontling was born as a spoken language in Northern California in the area of Bell Valley and Boonville. This book lists the words in English and then gives you their fun Boontling origin. It also has sentences that you can practice on to learn it for yourself. It also has never published poem by Don “Ite” Pardini.